RZR03 Zirconium Ring


RZR03 Zirconium Ring

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The effortless design of the RZR03 ring is catered to the men who disregard the frills in life. A zirconium ring , presented in a black colour from innovative high-heating systems, features two concealed patented lines across the exterior. The ceramic-like quality the ring possesses ensures a scratch resistant surface.

● Simplistic zirconium ring with two undistinguishable parallel lines running through the exterior

● Zirconium blackened by high-technology heating systems which ensure longevity and durability

● Ceramic quality to ensure a scratch resistant ring

● Zirconium is sturdy yet light, making it ideal for day to day wear

● Completed with a smooth finish to ensure comfort and durability

● Delivered in a sleek gift box