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The Flexisizable Clasp technology is the first resizable magnetic clasp for bracelets, necklaces and similar articles of precious, semi-precious or fashion jewellery.

With this technology our bracelets can be resized in a quick an easy way at home (each bracelet comes with everything you need to do this), all in a matter of seconds, and then can be worn in a quick and easy way with a magnetic clasp. So easy, so fast, no fuss!

See our step by step method shown below.



Step 1: Pull your bracelet open ( always do this while holding the stainless steel parts not leather parts to not affect the glue bond between the leather and steel)

Step 2: Take your free mini-screwdriver, open the side matching the screw, and unscrew the small screw half way

Step 3: Slide along to your desirable size (3 sizes are available 19, 20 and 21 cm)

Step 3: Tighten the screw back, make sure it is completely screwed back

Put on your bracelet, You are Done in 3 easy steps and it only took seconds!

You never have to worry about size when you shop for bracelets again, for yourself or for a gift!

Our unique Flexisizable Clasp technology is patent pending under patent number GB1315443.0, and is in process of protection under PCT. 

To all those who try to copy us,we have a strong legal team ready to protect this technology. You have been warned!