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"Flexisizable Clasp", the groundbreaking technology

  For people with small wrists like myself, wearing anything on the wrist is a struggle. Watches, wristbands and bracelets are free to fall off, often without us even noticing. This keeps us away from decorating the wrist because we feel, it’s just not worth it. Here to confront the problem, ARX is introducing a brand new, original technology. Resizability is the core idea of ARX’s latest innovative design – ‘Flexisizable Clasp’. Yes, the word ‘Flexisizable’ is exactly what you think it is – flexible and resizable, meaning every bracelet we sell is completely adjustable. You can change the size of your bracelet (19, 20, 21cm), as many times as you want, in accordance to the size of your wrist...

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On Men's Jewellery

Perhaps the greatest thing about living in the 21st century is the perfect freedom to express yourself, through language, literature, art, music, style and fashion. Yet, even if I argue that the 2010s is the epitome of boldness and forwardness, many of us – men – are still reluctant to wear what we want, because we take social norms too seriously. Social norms are informal understandings of order that are built upon values, customs and traditions; they are common perceptions and expectations towards how we should behave appropriately, in accordance with our place in society. Such anticipations may stop us from acting out our desires, due to the fear of being different and singular. When speaking on fashion, the notion...

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