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"Flexisizable Clasp", the groundbreaking technology


For people with small wrists like myself, wearing anything on the wrist is a struggle. Watches, wristbands and bracelets are free to fall off, often without us even noticing. This keeps us away from decorating the wrist because we feel, it’s just not worth it. Here to confront the problem, ARX is introducing a brand new, original technology.

Resizability is the core idea of ARX’s latest innovative design – ‘Flexisizable Clasp’. Yes, the word ‘Flexisizable’ is exactly what you think it is – flexible and resizable, meaning every bracelet we sell is completely adjustable. You can change the size of your bracelet (19, 20, 21cm), as many times as you want, in accordance to the size of your wrist and the way you would like to showcase your jewellery.

I have always worn my bracelets loose, not by choice; it is simply the fact that all the bracelets that I own don’t fit perfectly. Especially when shopping online, I hesitate every time I want to purchase a bracelet, because I know it’s likely to be too large, and that means I will have to take it to a store to have it resized.

ARX’s unique Flexisizable magnetic clasp takes the fear factor out of the conversation, it allows bracelets to be effortlessly resized, with just a mini-screwdriver – that is all you need. The screwdriver comes with the product, so you can do it all by yourself. This means the days when you had to rely on professional help for the tiniest adjustments, are officially gone, no hustling for the perfect size!

ARX has redefined ‘resizability’ by overcoming flimsy buttons and pins, while retaining a simple magnetic clasp. The fear of buying unfit bracelets is conquered!

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