Carbon Style by ARX

ARX by Jos Von Arx has released a spectacular addition to the already popular Composite range of bracelets. The COB range has been at the centre of the ARX range since its launch over 6 years ago providing a genuine bolo leather bracelet with a consistent tight weave and Jos Von Arx patented Felxisize Stainless Steel Clasp for a style that will set you apart from the crowd.

This latest release emerges from the success of the COB range adding a new dimension using Carbon Fibre. The COB-CAR models use the same fine quality bolo leather weave and stainless steel clasp as the foundation to display these carbon fibre feature elements. Carbon fibre has many benefits as a practical material.

  • 10 times Stronger than Steel
  • An impressive 5 times Lighter than Steel
  • Boasts a high heat tolerance of over 200 degrees C
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.

These are some of the qualities that appealed to our design team when looking for the right material when creating concept pieces. Born out of these concepts we have the following items
  • COB18-CAR, Finely detailed braid inlay design
  • COB19-CAR, Brushed Finish with electric blue highlight
  • COB20-CARBrushed Finish, accented rectangular design blue highlight
  • COB21-CAR. Finely detailed with a brushed and polished finish

A feather in the cap of Arx-Men.

These bracelets are equally suited to be worn solo or along with any other bracelets, cufflinks or complimented by an expertly designed Gents Zirconium Ring….

Look out for offers and competitions where one of the outstanding mens accessories could be yours.

We look forward to reading your comments and finding out what makes your ideal accessory.

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